Thursday Sep 14, 2023

Cold Summer ”Hot Girl vs. City Boy Summer After 30: Is It Still a Thing?”

Title: Cold Summer "Hot Girl vs. City Boy Summer After 30: Is It Still a Thing?"

Podcast: The 30+ Podcast Episode Number: 20

Hosts: Nneka X, KimKim, and Fly

Summary: In this episode of The 30+ Podcast, hosts Nneka X, KimKim, and Fly engage in a lively discussion about the concept of a "Hot Girl Summer" or "City Boy Summer" after the age of 30. They delve into whether this popular cultural trend should even be a thing once you've crossed the age threshold, and how it might look different in your 30s and beyond.

The hosts explore several key questions:

  1. Is Hot Girl/City Boy Summer Still Relevant After 30? The episode kicks off with the hosts debating whether the carefree, party-centric ethos of a Hot Girl or City Boy Summer is suitable for people in their 30s and beyond. They reflect on the changing priorities and responsibilities that come with age, such as careers, family, and personal growth.

  2. How Does it Look Different in Your 30s? Nneka X, KimKim, and Fly share personal anecdotes and experiences, discussing how their perspectives on dating, socializing, and self-care have evolved as they've gotten older. They highlight the importance of balance and the significance of self-discovery in this phase of life.

  3. Could You Date Someone Still in This Phase of Life? The hosts also consider the dynamics of dating someone who might still be fully immersed in a Hot Girl or City Boy Summer lifestyle. They explore the challenges and benefits of dating someone with different priorities and examine whether age discrepancies in this context can lead to compatibility issues.

Throughout the episode, the hosts bring humor, wisdom, and authenticity to the conversation. They stress the importance of embracing change and growth while remaining true to oneself, no matter your age. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives regarding this cultural phenomenon, shedding light on the complex and evolving world of dating and self-identity in your 30s and beyond.

The 30+ Podcast continues to provide insightful and relatable content for its mature audience, addressing topics that resonate with the realities of life after 30.

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