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Not quite your aunt and uncles... Consider us your cool big cousins! Eavesdrop on our conversations as we discuss love, life, and lessons after 30.

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Meet Your New Uncle

Thursday Jan 12, 2023

Thursday Jan 12, 2023

How hard is it to date with children after 30? How difficult is it to date someone with children when you don't have any? Eavesdrop on your favorite cousin's as we discuss our opinions on this and more. 
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We Need A Resolution

Thursday Jan 05, 2023

Thursday Jan 05, 2023

Welcome to 2023. Nneka X and KimKim talk New Year Resolutions, and 2022 hot topics. They give their love, life , and lesson of 2022, and what they are hopeful for in 2023.
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We Are NOT Our Parents

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

How often do we allow the decisions of our parents drive our decisions as adults? One this episode we take a dive into how the adults in our lives have helped shape our decisions as adults. 
Also the discuss the cool thing about being in our 30's is that we are officially old enough to date the adult child or the parent. 

Friday Nov 25, 2022

As your age change so does your needs... Or do they? Let's talk about it.
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Funny Seeing You Here

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Have you ever run into an Ex while out with your potential next? I guess we are both outside. Plus 30+ Therapy 
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Rated 30+

The 30+ Podcast requires maturity, experiences, and a reality check. 

Not quite at the aunt and uncle status, but more like your cool older cousins that you look for at the cookout. Eavesdrop on our conversations as we discuss love, life, and lessons after 30. 

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